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Thread: Evening all

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    Evening all

    New to the forum and to deer stalking. Have been out for a very basic day in Scotland before, some full bore rifle experience at Bisley a while ago and hold a shotgun cert but not FAC. Looking to learn from those on the forums. I live in Sussex and am looking for anything that can get me out in the countryside. Happy to pay for sound and experienced advice but equally happy to go out for free!!



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    welcome to the forum. lots ofexperience and advice to be had here.

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    Remembered when i first started, its easy getting the rifle and paperwork, the hardest thing is the land and then keeping it, i'm sure all on here would agree! My advice is keep trying, over the years ahead you WILL get your foot in the door. If you were down here in the southwest i would gladly take you out with us for free to get some more experience.



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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hi James, welcome!

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