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Thread: Problem with RCBS Press

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    Problem with RCBS Press

    Hey guys,

    Just picked up a new RCBS Press from Sportsman in Newport, brought it home and set it up on my work bench but have trouble with getting the shell holder into the slot on the ram! Any ideas? I have both a RCBS shell holder and a Lee universal holder and neither will fit!

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    a little gentle pressue will see it home

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    mine was the same i just filed the flat on the shell plate to fit . put black pen or smoke it to show the point that is stopping it from going in. mine also would get stuck on the retaining clip so i made it fit

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    Think it would be best to try it myself or take it back to sportsman and get em to do it??

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    Pull the lever back to raise the ram slightly and simply push the shell holder in so that the retaining clip clips into place.
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    I give mine a good twist and it pops over that last sticky bit.

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    Had the same thing when mine was new, I polished mine to trim up, works a treat after that, perfect fit I think the tolerances are very accurate and close


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    check the spring clip in the top of the ram is seated correctly,

    sometimes they are slightly out of alignment.......rotate to the correct position and bobs your best mate.

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    Even taking the retaining clip off the shell holder wont go into the slot, i even gave it a little nock to try and encorage it into place but had no luck!!

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    Take it back to SGC and accept no excuses.

    RCBS are second to none in customer service. (I should have said "in my personal experience," including a Chargemaster saga in recent months).

    I wonder if we can say the same for Sportsman?
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