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Thread: Space saving roe cradle

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    Space saving roe cradle

    Hi folks, been using a black & decker workmate bench for years as a roe cradle, I split the pelvic bone and breast bone on it & skin the beast on it... I found that the wee gap in the middle is great for holding the carcass & leaves the sides open to work round the beast...
    lately the top surfaces finally gave in after years of use & spraying with kitchen anti bacterial cleaners. I had an old big thick butchers fibrox type chopping board
    just marked out the sizes of the old tops and gave to joiner next door who cut em on table saw & smoothed edgedges is have an even more hygienic work table that folds for storage in the larder ....sorry garage

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    great idea iv got one of them in ma shed brill Davie

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    good one, now where did my dad put his. lol

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