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Thread: Adding photographs to posts

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    Adding photographs to posts


    I have tried in vain to add photographs to a post and I can't get them to stick. Pardon the pun, but my IT skills are way below some of the members. I recall reading a post on SD on how to do it but can't find it.

    Can anyone help?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ash243
    Quote Originally Posted by pw7x57
    Rockingod try this.

    How to upload photos
    Perhaps the easiest way to display your photos on this Forum is to open an account with Photobucket. Here’s your step by step guide.

    1. Save your photos on your computer
    2. Log onto
    3. Click ‘Join Now’
    4. Go through process of joining, it’s all FREE. You’ll have to remember your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
    5. When you’re logged on your can upload pictures to your Photobucket album by pressing ‘Browse’ and finding the picture from your computer.
    6. Then click ‘Upload’.
    7. When the photo you want to enter into the competition is uploaded to Photobucket it will appear in your album, left click with your mouse on the IMG Code underneath the photo. The code should go blue. Right click the mouse and copy this code.
    8. Return to The Stalking Directory, paste this code onto the page and give us a few words telling us more about your photo.
    9. Job done!
    Put on by the guys on here.
    ATB Paul

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    When you’re logged on to photobucket , you can upload pictures to your Photobucket album, but remember to resize them first to do this click on (options)max image size, scroll down to large 640x480 click on that then click on save
    well worth doing that
    makes pictures easier to veiw on the site for the rest of us

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    Attempt at posting pictures

    Here's one I shot in July, nothing special, just trying to post a picture. Cheers, Pete.

    Great stuff-- it worked, thanks guys, Pete.

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    adding photographs to posts

    Many thanks to you all. I have added a picture to my post in Stag stalking in Glenlyon.

    Now I know how to do it I will add the odd photograph which, I think, may be of interest to SD. I like to see the various types of terain members stalk in and the quality of the deer.


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    Just seeing if I can upload photos, a couple of fallow bucks that were shot by German friends on my ground.

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