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Thread: More frozen raw dog food - mince & fish

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    More frozen raw dog food - mince & fish

    I ordered a load of dog food straight after a night shift, and as I was ridiculously tired, I ordered the wrong stuff!!!!

    It is therefore surplus to my requirements and taking up space in my freezer, it arrived earlier this week.

    Food was delivered frozen and put straight into my freezer where it still sits.

    I have 44 packets in total (each weighing 400g) of just minces from natures menu.

    These are a mixture of flavours - lamb, rabbit, chicken, turkey.

    Here is a link to them, just scroll down the page to the just mince:

    I also have about a dozen or so packets of frozen chopped oily fish from durham animal feed also surplus to requirements and each packet weighs 454g.

    There is about 50 worth of frozen raw dog feed here in total, all in sealed packets and I need shot of it.

    ​Needs to be collected from east lothian 35

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