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Thread: A quick track

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    A quick track

    Yesterday I took a Roe heart out of the freezer and took the dog out for a quick tracking session. After being out of the freezer for about 2hrs I looked at it and I thought he'd struggle to find it as there was so little blood in it and it wasn't very well thawed. I left him in the van, stuck the heart on the end of my shooting sticks and dragged it through the grass off to the side of my own scent trail for about 100yds. At several points I cut a few little pieces off for him to find and encourage him a bit. At the end of the trail I stuck it in some bushes, coincidentally right near a rabbit hole just to add to the confusion.

    I fetched the dog and then realised that I wasn't actually sure where I'd started the trail(Sieve Head)

    Anyway I kept him on a short lead and we walked roughly to where I started and straight away he started to pull on the lead and his nose was going like the clappers
    Away we went following the track with him hoovering up the odd piece of heart along the way. As we got near to the end I let him off and he appeared to lose the trail and ran past the heart by about 20yds but then he must've got wind of it because he turned and went straight towards it, ignoring the rabbit hole on the way
    Really proud of him, all I need now is to shoot a deer when I'm up in Scotland next week and see if he'll do it for real...


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    Have you just said to "Pay attention now!" & "Listen up!"

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    He looks like a right wee character...well done.

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    He's a total loony at times Only 14 months old now but slowly seeing the pup in him fade away, loves a bit of rough and tumble with other dogs. Definately not your calm placid HPR type, though there's not an aggressive bone in him, not seen it yet anyway!
    Always said he's a pet first and if he can "do a bit" then that's a bonus

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