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Thread: 2 years later I got my first Chamois.

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    2 years later I got my first Chamois.

    It has been a long and emotional road but 4 days ago I got my first Chamois. It has taken 4 trips to Austria (2 of which got snowed off) but at last it has been done. All in all about 20 outtings.

    A very nice 8 year old.

    Took him at 315 meters at 45 degrees out the back of the high seat. The placement was perfect hitting both the heart and the lungs The full Write up will follow.

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    Well done for persevering - worth it in the end.

    Look forward to the write up.

    Cheers, L

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    Congratulations..........all good things come to those who wait!

    Currently in Stanton in pursuit of a Steinbock.......wish me luck!

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    congratulations i know the feeling of getting my first one and hopefully will get another, the joy on your face says it all, atb wayne
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    Well done, lucky man. Definatly on my to do list.

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    Congratulation, makes it all the sweeter when it takes a bit of time and effort.


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    Congratulations, I still haven't got mine, I couldn't make it back this year but will be back in Austria in 2014 for another go.



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    Congratulations - between yourself and Conor1, I am feeling a big draw towards the Alps for an outing.
    Have you posted the write-up as I did a quick search and didn't track it down. Very keen to find out more.

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