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Thread: Schmidt & Bender - fantastic service

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    Schmidt & Bender - fantastic service

    I lost the covers for my scope & emailed S&B to find out where I could buy a new set from only to be sent a set for free. Top service. Many thanks.

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    I have to agree, I have a PM II that I bought second hand and have had for 6 years. Little specks of dirt appeared on the inside of the objective lense so I contacted them and they arranged for York guns to send it back for me. I got the scope back just over 4 weeks later cleaned and serviced and as good as new, the only cost to me was fuel to get it to York guns who I have to say we're also very helpfull. I also buggered the grub screws on the target turrets and when I emailed them they sent me a bag of them (about 20) out in the post also free of charge.

    top service in my book


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