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Thread: every one in the northwest

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    every one in the northwest

    just a word of warning to everyone , on monday eve /tues morn i had my hilux and outbuilding broken into and had a nomad smock ,clulite lamp and battery pack , and worst of all my leica geovids stolen ,so if anyone has a cash converter or similar in there town (burnley ,accrinton ,preston, morcambe ), or anywhere in the n west area ,please have a look if passing by , like wise if offered any of above , any info treated with confidentiality ,dont get complacent like me and be extra carefull ,thanks arron.

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    I feel your pain.
    I had a pair of Swarovski 7x42 SLC and a Swarovski AT80 with 20-60x lens telescope nicked from my car and the insurance would only cover £500
    I phone Swarovski every now and again as I still have the serial numbers 15 years later and one day they'll turn up and will be coming home.
    I suggest that you do the same with Leica and keep those serial numbers and get a crime number.
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    I shall keep my eyes open. there is a couple of pawn shops in Lancaster/Morecambe area.

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    Shall keep an eye open.
    From milnthorpe to Preston crime like this is really bad at present.
    1500 litres of oil and tools were taken from my neighbor last month. These scum are working in two cars and swapping goods over.

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    Thinking of it what has been stolen is very unlikely to be found in a pawn shop not with the background of the scum.
    What has been stolen is perfect poaching gear.

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