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Thread: I didn't take my own advice

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    I didn't take my own advice

    dont ask someone if they have permission

    ​i was out tonight
    with the 243 , As it was getting dark was making my way back to the car when I heard a loud angry voices. I observed a man in his late 40s shouting down his phone . I moved into full view , I took off my hat and face mask , I unclipped my mag and opened and removed my bolt, as I walked towards them (in the direction of my Landy ) another man came into view , he had 2small girls with him , he was carrying a silver barrelled /black stocked rifle which he raised to his shoulder , I coughed to make my presence known , he looked at me and proceeded to fire the gun ( turns out to be an air rifle ). At an angle of 45 degrees to me ,

    i said it was good practice to break or unload a gun when approached , straight away the man on the phone said he had permission to be there and had done for years , I asked his name to which he said "your a dick ". I walked passed the group as they were between me and the car. As I did I was called all the effin bs etc etc. I said I was going to call the police as I was assaulted here last December , to which I got told " no wonder you got punched with your ****ing attitude "

    i did not reply. But I did indeed call the police who were there within 10 mins and stopped the group out on the main rd.
    I spoke to a constable who said straight away that he wasn't taking sides and that the man in his 40s was in a terrible rage with them. He asked if I was ok but didn't take a statement

    as I was leaving the farm the group was at the end of the road with an officer. The older man lying on the road on his side. I didn't make any eye contact with them.

    Ive come home and written everything down as I remember it happening

    at no time did I raise my voice or be rude. Indeed with the small girls there i didn't all I wanted was to get away to my car ,

    your thoughts please
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    Looks like you did the right thing chap I hope I would have done the same thing .i think if anyone is on your permission with a gun then for safetys sake you should know .
    alas too many folk think they can roam where they want .
    i would think the police will be in touch soon enough for a statement if you rang them .keep us informed .

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    It's usually best to call the landowner in that situation, they will know who has and who has not got the right to be there. They also can decide on a police call some are happier than others to make that call

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    Ps I assume folk know who has permission to be on the same ground as they use if firearms are being discharged .

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    You were well within your rights to contact the police, maybe a quick call to the land owner to update him on what went on so he can call the police if he wants to. It sounds like they were poaching. Interesting that the older guy was being made the lay on the road, the police must have thought he was a threat to them.

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    This is a scenario that goes on alot more than is realised, bob the builder flush with some cash money walks into the local gunshop and comes away with camo and an air rifle, he knows nothing of the law on firearms or the wildlife and countryside act, he then proceeds to wander through any woodland that takes his fancy and shooting at anything that moves, if challenged he reverts to either a barrack room lawyer or neanderthal man.

    My opinion is that the sooner air rifles are licensed in the same way as other firearms the better for all concerned.

    I dont like legislation but in the interests of safety and protection of wildlife its about time something was done, imagine the damage that some of these people would do being let loose with a center fire rifle or a semi auto shotgun.

    Regards WB

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    Your for instance scenario, reminds me of a guy in a near to me shooting school, perusing the air rifles at length....... eventually after much chinwagging, he stated to the salesperson ... "I'll have the one with the wooden Andle"
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    The older man lying on the road on his side.
    had someone decked him?
    ​didnt understand this bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    had someone decked him?
    ​didnt understand this bit
    I don't follow this either. Did the cop put him there as he was he posing a threat and the cops colleague remains with you whilst this is going on.
    Is he making out you decked him. When did you mention or ask if he had permission as from your story he replied he had when you explained a safety issue.

    Are you a witness or possible suspect. Did they or him get detained or taken away in the police vehicle.

    From what you say this could be a L O S or a day in court a witness

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    Sorry. I will expand. The police car apon entering the road to the farm came across the group where one officer detained them , the other officer then drive the police car onwards to the farm where i was awaiting them. After he took my name etc. i left via the same road ( the only one available ). when i passed the group the older man was laying on his side on the grass. He was either resting like this or had been put there by the officer. I did not slow down or make eye contact as i left. This bit of ground has only myself named as a stalker and another chap as a shotguner named as authorised users. So i knew straight away he should not have been there ,
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