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Thread: Time to let go.

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    Time to let go.

    Reluctantly i took my pal to the vet last night and had him put to sleep and it was the right thing to do as he went downhill fast but now i am so overcome with guilt that i could maybe have done more to prevent his pain.
    Have not slept since and i am up now and taking him to a special place to bury him and it is not going to be easy. I knew this day would come all those years ago but i will raise a glass or two tonight to my best pal "Angus".

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    Very sorry to hear that, Red. I am likely to be facing a similar situation shortly; my old lab has severe arthritis in one elbow, and is getting to the stage where she won't even been able to come out for a short walk soon. She's given me some great times, and will be sorely missed. All the best to you.
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    Had the same experience a short time ago with my 14 year old Lab,so I know how your feeling RD. I have several gun dogs but "Cassie" was what you'd call my first choice best pall giving me years of happy memories which you will have with "Angus". I chose to have her cremated and as I write she is still by my side as I have her ashes. Your memories will eventually ease your loss. ATB Gaz

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    So sad when the end comes for our best & most loyal friends have been in this position many times over the years and it never gets any easier but think of the good times you had together they are always with you & then so is she/he.

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    I have never had to do this (yet) but I dread the day.
    The vast majority of humans I wouldn't shed a tear over. Animals are another thing. Idiot that I am I even cried again this week at "Born Free" .

    I wish you every strength and hope that remembering the good times will ease the burden.

    ​RIP Angus.
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    I've just been through exactly the same thing last week so you have my every sympathy. Took me a few days to get over the ups and downs, I went through all the guilt and second guessing and to be honest it was horrible. You know in your heart as a caring dog owner when the best time is and you know deep down you made the right call. Think of it as one last gift you can grant after their years of loyalty. Get through it you will though, give him a good send off and remember the good times.

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    R.I.P Angus. I know how you're feeling, been there and felt the same way as you do. Take comfort in the fact that Angus had a good life with you and you eased him through his pain at the end.

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    I can understand perfectly what you mean.
    At around 23.00 last night, My 15 yr old Border collie x Retriever My best friend and companion was unable to stand up and was in great distress.
    I met the vet at the surgery and the decision was made.
    I have known for six months she was on her last legs!

    As I live alone ,The house is a very empty place this morning.

    RIP Cassie.

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    I was in the same position Red, just over a month ago, a wee terrier that belonged to my
    late wife. So know how you feel, but you must take comfort in the fact that Angus had a
    good life with you till the end as already said.

    Chin up Red.

    PS. coincidentally, Lara passed on the wife's birthday.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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