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Thread: range finder scopes?good or just gimiky

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    range finder scopes?good or just gimiky

    hi guys
    thinking about getting a range finder,most of my stalking has been roe but have been doing more red on the open hill recently so I thought about a rangefinder for zeroing and on the hill,but a mate suggested a range finding scope?he has one a zeiss,thinks its the dogs ******** but at 1800 quid its a bit more than the wife will let me spend!!!(something about xmas presents to buy or something!)
    anyway it would be a bushnell or burris anyone tried or using one at the moment?the reveiws seem good but would like to hear from real stalkers!!!

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    Rangefinder scope

    A lad i know has the zeiss, in my opinion their a gimmick, there very big and heavy. When you have an animal in your scope you can tell whether the animal is shootable or not, most animals are shot at between 50-200mtrs. i have a normal rangefinder and never use it while stalking its more of a novelty. The lad i know says that he rarley uses the rangefinder on the scope when stalking.


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    The ziess is a good piece of kit, I used one for a while when they first came out, it was quite good say on a shot at a calf that had maybe ran out a bit and stood, it's handy to know if it's 220 or 250yrds
    However they are bulky and expensive, I can think of plenty more that I could spend the on.

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    I use my rangefinder binos quite a bit. My mate has a rangefinder scope and reckons its invaluable for lamping, both night licence deer and foxes

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    I use a separate range-finder, but in my practice a range-finder/binocular combo would make more sense than a rf/scope combo.

    I seem to use the rangefinder a good deal when walking about (to check range-guesses), when stalking rabbits with an air-rifle and also (in the three or so weeks I do it) at hinds on the hill.

    In all these cases, it would be impractical to present a rifle solely in order to measure the range. Binoculars, on the other hand quite handy, and not attached to any particular rifle.

    I do like my little CRF, though.

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    Scoping in place of glassing is bad practice anyway, but, if you have a rangefinding scope so much the better for those moments that they can be useful, I swear by my Geovids.

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