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Thread: buck fever!!...the stalkers anthem!!!!!

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    buck fever!!...the stalkers anthem!!!!!

    ok people, a bit of light hearted fun for you, dust off your old 'bee gees' album and put on the instrumental of 'night fever' and sing along!!!

    here it goes -

    Listen to the ground
    there are deer all around
    they are running all around
    and i can feel it

    on the waves of the air
    there is movement out there
    it is something we can share
    and we can eat it

    and that big royal stag
    he moves through the light
    controlling my mind and my soul
    when you reach out your rifle
    yeah, the scope is aligned

    then i get 'buck fever' 'buck fever'
    we all know we get it
    ive got that 'buck fever' 'buck fever'
    ive got to try and stop it

    here i am
    prayin for this moment to lapse
    trying to control my delight
    the wind is so right
    im gonna make it mine!

    'Buck fever' 'Buck Fever'
    We all know we get it
    ive got that 'Buck Fever' 'Buck Fever'
    ive got to try and stop it

    And that big royal stag
    he moves into sight
    im controlling my mind and soul
    when i reach out my rifle
    he moves into sight

    B A N G............... 8)

    ive lost my 'Buck Fever' 'Buck Fever'
    i dont know how i did it
    ive lost my 'Buck Fever' 'Buck Fever'
    and ive got something to show for it

    'Buck Fever' 'Buck Fever'
    im just glad i got over it
    that bloody 'Buck Fever' 'Buck Fever'
    we all know we get it!!

    THE END!!

    right, after that i better hide at the CLA for fear of lynching!!!!

    ok, anyone working for sony/bmg or similar....come and get me, lets make a million!!! 8)

    copyright - DUGGERS

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    why mutiacus, are you refering to the matter that i was on drugs when i penned this 'anthem'?

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    following on from previous posts it could quite easily have been.....

    'nice beaver' 'nice beaver'

    but no, its a stalking site and the beaver has gone!!!


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    I'd love to see the look on Sharon Osbourne's face if you sang that on X factor!!!!!!

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    Seriously, enter for the X factor, You'd have my vote.
    One question, what would you wear? Realtree camo, Tweed or dare I say it Beaver fur

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    Well Stone runs around dressed like a cowboy, I'm an ex sailor, so if Duggers dressed as a motorcycle cop we would only need a hairy biker and a soldier and we could be 'Village People'!

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    its fun to stay at the Y M C A,

    i mean errr, ......viliage people????.....err who are they?

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    Your secrets out now Duggers! Is this going to be one of those mad fridays again where everyone posts like nutters?

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    ye ha
    ye ha
    my mate simon + louie might be able to give a few pointers on the music front

    like there's the door close it on the way out

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