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Thread: Old commando comics

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    Old commando comics

    Has anyone got any of these old comics in the loft? i was talking with my son about how much i loved to read them when i was his age, i used to look forward to being treated to a comic and how these were my favorite.
    It got me thinking, and i would like to buy some and see if he likes them too.
    Drop me a PM if you have any kicking about.Cheers

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    They are still in print, the same stories as I remember as a lad. Came across them in a newsagents recently and found myself scanning through a couple. Wasn't a big high street chain though.

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    Saw them in wh smith recently!

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    and you can get them on kindle......

    Some serious reminiscing to be done - not sure how STMBO will react to the reintroduction of the torch under the bedclothes though.....
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    hahaha training manuals some on ebay feller

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    One of my pupils gave me a box full when I said my son was keen on them. Got over a hundred on a shelf and think I have read them all, re read them when I've had a crap day...... May get the lad a subscription....

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    Donner unt blizen unt mein gott.

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    "Zo, Tommy... For you ze var iss ofer..."

    I've got 3 of these '12 of the best' - time for a revisit!

    Commando THE BEST 12 COMMANDO BOOKS EVER p/b | eBay
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    I've got some will dig them out from the loft and pm you

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