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Thread: Cheap shotguns escort o/u 12g. victoria s/s 12g

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    Cheap shotguns escort o/u 12g. victoria s/s 12g

    hi folks couple of guns for sale due to not using em and sitting in the cabinet
    first up
    Escort over & under 12g synthetic stock 3" chambers proofed for steel and multi choked..comes with chokes , choke key, shims for stock
    still have original receipt was bought august 2011 as a cheap back up gun for wildfowling seeing as proofed for steel....never used wildfowling ...just handful of times at clays..had 400 shells thru it only.

    would suit someone looking for a rough n ready working gun or as a back up like my idea was

    these can be bought new for 580 approx.
    looking for 270 ovno

    second is a Victoria side by side 12g 2 3/4" double trigger ejector, its full and 3/4 choked,
    I advertised it on here before if you search my posts
    this I believe is Hungarian , plain action with cocking indicators
    very tight gun....done nothing ...bought from my father and never used it other than handful of times
    to be honest both these guns unsed due to my use of my 20g

    this would suit someone looking for a good clean cheap game gun or for knocking bout in a vehicle on yer rounds etc

    looking for 140

    both guns I will rfd but at expected additional costs
    basic but good clean guns looking for someone to use em


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    Forgot to add regarding the escort ... Barrel length is 28"
    and is a sporter rather than game gun , as in no automatic resetting safety

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    Just to say good luck with the sale.

    I have the same Hatsan Silver Select and it's a really nice bit of kit, nice tight action and mounts/points very nicely At that price I'm almost tempted to have a second one!.
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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    Thank you Phaedra !

    I think for the money they are new they are good hits of kit , it's no Berreta or browning but a good way for those not so fortunate cash wise to get shooting , or even just as a back up gun!
    3" & proofed for steel & multi choked


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    Thanks for your message ive pm,d you cheers paul.

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    Escort sold pending the usual.

    offers in the Victoria side by side??????

    no half decent offer rejected.

    ​good basic cheap game gun for someone

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