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Thread: CZ HMR and CZ 527 Hornet for sale

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    CZ HMR and CZ 527 Hornet for sale

    Hey guys. I'm having a re-shuffle of my guns so there's a couple going spare.

    SOLD. CZ HMR. 16" barrel, SAK mod, Brookes trigger kit, 2 mags and scope mounts. The rifle is in good usd condition. Has some minor scratches to the underside of the stock from leaning on fences etc, but nothing serious and you can't see them unless you look for them. The mod has some nasty scratches to the end cap (I over tightened it and couldn't get it undone without being brutal!). It still works and they only cost 30 for a new one if it bothers you, but it's not that bad! I'm after 325 for that lot.

    2. CZ527 Hornet. 18" barrel, again in good used condition. Just the one mag with this, scope mounts and an Ase Utra S5 mod. I'm looking for 600 for this. The setup new would be around 1200, the mod alone is worth nearly 300 and is as new!

    I'm open to offers on both and can RFD transfer for 25. I'd consider a swap or P/X for a good scope too if that's an option for anyone? Thanks for looking.

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    HMR now sold. Just the Hornet to go. Make me an offer chaps, I haven't got the space to keep it once the new arrivals get here. What's it worth to you?

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    i assume now long gone?

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    Wow, I'd forgotten about this post... I sold it then bought it back, and am now thinking of selling it again because I've bought a .223!

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    What would you want for it if you were to sell?

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    600 for the bare rifle and mod, 650 with all the loading dies/brass etc to go with it (if you're local as it's not worth posting powder) or 750 with the scope too.

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