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Thread: EC Hunter and Windigo - the Wilds of Canada

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    EC Hunter and Windigo - the Wilds of Canada

    There is a member on this forum who is a good friend who I have spent many an hour chasing deer with across the wilds of Scotland. He has been a bit out of action over the last couple of years with Lymes disease, but he has been busy. Today through the post I received a copy of his first book Windigo. I started it a three this afternoon, and save for an hour this evening when I went out to look for a buck I have been in the wilds of Canada chasing after a new species not yet identified to science. EC Hunter's nephew, along with Lara Croft a Gordonston pupil, also brought up in the wilds of Scotland is the hero. Only criticism is his choice of rifle - a Blaser 9.3x62, and amazing what you can do with a Fallkniven knife - but you can live with hat.

    Just poured a dram and going for the last 100 pages. It's published in a kindle edition at Windigo eBook: E C Hunter: Kindle Store

    so if you are Kindled download it now, read it tonight and post your comments on it in the morning.

    Perhaps EC Hunter might post some comments himself sometime.

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    Have now finished reading Windigo - a very good read. Has any body else had a look? His face book page is

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    Just giving this a bump - lots of people have looked - but has anybody read it yet? Well worth a read.

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    Jist picked it up looking forward to starting it as I'm in the middle of another one

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