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Thread: How much of a traditionalist are you?

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    How much of a traditionalist are you?

    Call me old fashioned but I just can't bring myself to shoot live quarry on a Sunday. Do any of you share my reticence or must we all now bow to the inevitable and accept that some of the more traditional sporting values are as outmoded as church attendance and Sunday school?

    I should add that I speak as one who was brought up in Wales in the days when the pubs were shut on the Sabbath.

    (Addendum - I am, of course, referring to shooting deer. Game shooting on a Sunday in Wales and England has been prohibited by law since the nineteenth century.)

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    I have voted yes BUT it depends where.
    I won`t use a shotgun on Sundays unless i`m a long way from a residential area. My dad frowns on it but as i tell him, vermin don`t stop destroying crops because it`s a sunday.
    I`ll shoot deer on a sunday though i do still respect where i am.
    I remember a recent ish post about TJ being told, no shooting on sundays?
    Right TJ?

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    Depends on what the landowner says I guess, as well as that you have to bear in mind that a lot of people work 5/6 days a week and as a result sunday may well be the only time you can get out and go stalking/shooting. Also gotta bear in mind (certainly where i live/work) that you have a lot of footpaths that are busier on a weekend which can make life a bit trickier. Get them wandering through the farmyard

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    The only time I have any restrictions is if someone is ill on the property or Christmas day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil
    .....I remember a recent ish post about TJ being told, no shooting on sundays?
    Right TJ?
    Yip, not allowed on my bit, I have shot on Sundays, but that was in England where people are more relaxed about the whole thing, It is certinally church driven up my way, although, I'm not a church go-er myself.

    I don't see the problem nowadays, 25+ years ago, nothing was open accept the church door on Sundays, now, nothing seems to close even for Sundays.

    Sign if the times I suppose.


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    Voted yes. The FC in my area have just recently changed there attitude (All down to the head man in our area I'm being told) we are at last allowed Sunday shooting. I don't have to take up too many extra holidays now.

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    Every day in the season is a hunting day. We never had the sunday ban here.
    Allways stalked on a Sunday when i lived in Sussex.
    The Sunday ban was about church control , nothing to do with animal wellfare.

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    i have a large hind / doe cull to get on with come november 1st so 7 days a week for me ,

    cheers lee

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    I know it's a bit hypocritical, but I'm happy to shoot deer on a Sunday but wouldn't think of game shooting - like Iwrch, it's probably a throwback to my upbringing in Wales.

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    What ever day i have clear will do me for a stalk

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