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Thread: just one of tho's days

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    just one of tho's days

    Hi guys had one of thos's days yesterday day before get call from farmer whos got a fox he wants delt with recons hes seen it same place every morning just about dawn for the last week no probs says I be out in the morning set of next morning with .243 and shot gun plus mate to do the driving on site at 4am quick tour round the usual fox producing areas of the farm then down to the area the farmer has seen the fox settle down and wait neadless to say come dawn not a sight of said fox only some muntys that we leave alone after all we are here for the foxes by 6:30 still no fox alls not lost tho thinks we might as well make a morning of it hence the shotgun shot over a hundred pigeon in the same area a few days before think again typical pigeon not a sign call from another mate cheers me up tho want to go stalking this evening says he were and when says I meet me at 7 my place says he leave house at 6;30 blue skys get to mates house just before 7 and its chucking cats and dogs "bugger" JUST ONE OF THO'S DAYS

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    I was out Friday night because I was told there were loads of foxes about. Sat out for a bunch of hours and saw nothing except 1/2 dozen rabbits.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    hi dont know about u but I think when most farmers see foxs,rabbits,pigeons etc on thier land the no's have usualy in the farmers eyes multiplied by at least ten if not more by the time he's rung you

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    Its about this time of year when wildlife seem do a lord lucan.

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    Hi steve109 how very true will be out stalking again wednesday hopfully weather will be better

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