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Thread: Howa? Or Tikka 22.250?????????

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    Howa? Or Tikka 22.250?????????

    Hi all,

    I have got my variation back to get a 22.250, but not sure on what to go for, myself and my father currently share a Tikka T3 243 but are looking to buy a 22.250 but he likes the Tikka and I like the Howa, any recommendations in this calibre or advice would be greatfully appreciated as we cannot decide!!!

    Thals in advance to all that can help and advise me!


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    To be honest I don't really like either that you mention .

    But I have shot several Howa's in 243 and 308 and saddly they all shot really well .

    The Tikka although alot of folks like them I never really cared for them . Seems to me for the money expended the Howa shoots better as they both shoot about the same in my hands and the Howa here is less expensive .

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    We are both sharing the price........although I am sure I will pay less........

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    I have a Tikka M590 in 22/250 and would not swap it for a gold pig. It will shoot 1/2'' groups with factory Remington ammo and has a silky smooth action.
    If at first you don't succeed, reload

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    Marge or butter
    Who's Marge and anyway if you heat her up enough you shouldn't need butter

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pt-sika View Post
    Who's Marge and anyway if you heat her up enough you shouldn't need butter
    I like Tikkas and have a couple here at the house in .223. If there was a rub against them -at least here- it's the cost of extra magazines. Outrageous. I can buy a Tikka T-3 Lite in 308 for $525US but an extra magazine cost is $82 US?? Fifteen percent of the selling price of the complete rifle with rings for that bit of plastic?? W.T.H. is that about?? That is one vote towards the Howa if you ask me.~Muir

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    If you need a full rig, the Howa deal including scope, bipod, moderator and magazine conversion (have a search on Guntrader) looks pretty unbeatable for the price. The scope isn't the best in the world, but serviceable enough until you decide to upgrade it if you want to. Many I speak to say the Howa is further down market than the Tikka and that may be so, but every Howa owner I've spoken to says they shoot excellently straight out of the box. Of course Tikkas have a bit more kudos in the marketplace and you may think they look better, if that matters. A Tikka will cost you more, so how often it'll be used and for what purpose play a part too. Enjoy shopping!

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