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Thread: It's over

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    It's over

    Well the week of the SD shooting adventure has finished up in Scotland. I would like to say that from my own and Malcolm's points of view we had a very enjoyable time. We met up with old friends and met some very nice people for the first time.

    It is always good to put names to faces and I am always surprised how such pleasant sounding names can be linked to unpleasant faces That is with one notable exception, Fester need I say more.

    We also would like to think that somewhere along the line some people learnt a thing or two and maybe saw or experienced new things. Plus for those that managed to get their portfolios updated, well done. We would also like to thank those of you who very generously gave of your time and experience to help others increase theirs. So until the next time, if there is a next time a big thanks to all concerned.


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    Hi John, just to say thankyou to Malc and yourself for organising the week. Things didn't exactly go to plan but a very enjoyable trip none-the-less. Hopefully eveyone had good outings yesterday morning, I had an interesting drive over Struie Hill in the dark and fog, got back at about 5.30 yesterday evening. Nice meeting the other guys, hopefully I'll get to stalk with some of them in the future!
    Awesome sunrise as I got towards Inverness with the fog in the valleys!
    Glad the Gatso doesn't appear to be working down near Blair Atholl as I confronted it face-on whilst overtaking one of the 40mph lorries
    I will try to post a trip report, not leaving out Thursday afternoons entertainment . You know who you are, can't wait to read the excuses

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    Good morning John,

    I like you was happy to see the faces behind the names, at least we may now know who we are typing to in the future.

    I enjoyed myself very much, not bad for someone either guiding the less experienced or following DSC 2 candidates (its always good to get the legs stretched). I would like to think that I have left the last 6 days behind by finding some life long friends that I can have a bit of crack with in the future.

    It was also good that some of the potential candidates came with an honest appraisal of their abilities and what they actually wanted to achieve by the end of their trip. This enabled us to match up some suitable partnerships to try and spread the knowledge and bring them on in an environment that they may not be used to.

    I have to say, there were some occassions there where I have not laughed so hard in years. If you ever get to meet up with Wadas, Tika308 or Steyr243(fester), get yer laughing gear ready, it is going to go into overdrive

    I would like to thank you one more time for yours, and Sheilas hospitality, second to none And a last one to Malc for being allowed access into one of the most beautiful woodlands that I have had the pleasure to walk in.



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    I need a copy of the elephants trunk joke, made me cry with laughter

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    well what can i say,brilliant about covers it all,i had a excellent time.thanks to malc for the stalking jayb and sheila for a feast of a you say jingzy we have got some new lifelong friends.we got back to our house around 00.30am this morning then wadas and fest had around another hour to go,it was rough as a bears arse driving down but fest missed most of it and snored through it all.i saw my first golden eagle and got my first sika .thanks to all of you for a great week.
    p.s i wonder if malc is having fish pie for lunch leagle

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    I told you he is not eating during the rut


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    A huge thanks to Malc for letting me loose on his lease ,Thanks Fester for putting up with me ,top knee,s fella. John ,Andy,Wada,s Rob and Fran and Jayb for the sarcastic comments during the shooting test ,
    Mike for Thursdays excitement ,and the rest of the crowd ,nice to meet you all and not for the last time I hope.
    Left the cottage at around 1.30 pm ish Saturday and arrived home 641 miles later stopping just the once for fuel at 1.20 am Sunday morn,Having driven through some appalling weather.
    Had a great time , although not actually shooting a beast , achieved what I went for ,the experience of hill stalking . Just to add I have never laughed so hard as I did on Friday evening ,I was actually crying . All the best Paul.

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    Well, that`s another tour of duty done for me this year, and what a week, needless to say it was another one to remember.

    I didn`t really get chance to grass a beast this year but that didn`t bother me as i was more than happy to act as a guide and help some people to get into a beast which happened on a few occasions with 2 people, namely Clive cleaver and Gez getting a Sika stag and Red stag. Just the look on their faces was enough of a buzz for me.

    Malcom and JAYB you were stars of the highest order once again with Sheila providing a meal to rival Gordan Ramsey as usual, so thanks for that.
    To the others, Andy for driving us up, and the entertainment you provided, but we may have to look at getting a flight up if we do it next year, i`m bloody Knackered.
    Fester, i think you lived up to everyones expectations and kept the tone lower than a snakes belly, good man.
    Rob for his ability to leave himself wide open for abuse as usual and not forgetting Fran his long suffering girlfriend whom laughed none stop again. .
    Jingzy, what a guy, i know for sure you had a great time and laughed so much you were nearly crying.
    Rememeber the time they tried hanging fester and he ended up getting rope burns on his ears.
    Terry, congrats on the Stag, you did yourself proud mate.
    To all the others whom i haven`t mentioned, i think most of you will have hopefully gone away wiser for the experience and hopefully enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

    ATB to everyone


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    I'd like to start off by saying a huge thank you to JayB and Malc for organising such an amazing trip and giving so much of their time and effort to help other less experienced people have the trip of a lifetime!

    As time is tight, and there is so much to tell, I'll write a full report with photos later... but, for me the highlights were (in no particular order): meeting so many people and making some really great friends;
    cinnamon buns;
    the sika whistling/fire alarm/mobile phone that seemed to go off every night from down the corridoor;
    laughing so hard I can't breathe;
    the chance to share some time on the hill, in the forest and around the fire with some knowledgeable guys happy to share their years of experience!
    Of course, it wouldn't be a post about SD stalking without mentioning Fester's knees (or his total lack of embarassment when telling his 'stories'... "is yer mum in?").

    Lastly I'd like to thank malc for the opportunity to stalk his ground, and wadas for not only getting me into both my fist sika, and my first stag (and a beautiful beast it was too)... but also for breaking his back, legs and lungs with me helping to drag the bugger out! I realy felt like i earned that one with a great stalk and crawl on hands and knees through **** and heather followed by a drag that was probably a little bit harder than either of us had anticipated!

    Oh and not forgetting Jingzy who seemed to go to bed hours later than everyone else, but still stormed up heartbreak ridge leaving me and Terry huffing and puffing in his wake! (at least you had the decency to look a little bit out of breath at the top!)


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    Once again a big thankyou to all the guys using up their valuable holiday days that could have been so easily spent with their families to help sign off or advance our knowledge..

    A big thanks to jingzy for scratching one off my portfolio and for making the experience so enjoyable and memorable..

    Malc and John.. Two hugely generous fellas that made everyone so welcome round the campfire and for giving us the opportunity..

    Absolutely top time with some great fellas and of course lady ( Fran )..

    Hope one day i can return the help given and help somebody else further their stalking

    See you all again soon


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