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Thread: Carcass Fridges

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    Carcass Fridges

    I know a lot of people use the tall drinks fridges from closed down shops etc to keep the carcasses cool, but I was just wondering if there are any disadvantages to just using a normal tall larder fridge compared to those fridges. Something like the one in the link below is what I was thinking of:

    BEKO TLDA521W TALL LARDER FRIDGE 5023790013789 | eBay

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    Well I currently use a shorter version myself and am after something longer. And the one I currently have I use it for rabbits and munties and have managed to get a roe in but it was difficult but yes I think you could use it with out difficulty. I started a thread on this more for the large drinks chillers but plenty of people said had comments about them.
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    The use of a larder fridge will do well for small deer such as a roe or maybe a yearling sika calf but for the larger red/fallow sika you will be better off with something much larger such as the double drinks coolers or double commercial stainless units, though these tend to be much more expensive, but I guess it largely depends on how many and what species you intend to shoot, I am lucky enough to have a true double drinks chiller and a williams stainless double chiller which can at a push hold even relatively large reds so it really depends on your circumstances but if you keep your eye open you may be lucky enough to source one of the larger chillers for good money.


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    I've been looking into getting a fridge and finally decided on a big American style fridge/ freezer. You can get the off eBay for 150. There alot more efficient than the drinks fridges. I've currently got 3 roe hung in mine

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