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Thread: Eye problem

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    Eye problem

    Hi All,

    I was out for a walk around with the Gun yesterday.
    As i mounted the gun to shoot at a Magpie something blew into my eye.
    We were miles from the car and i hadn't got my little mirror with me for such emergencys so i just spent the next 2 hours squinting through my eye untill i got home. The wife is a nurse so she washed it out, 2 hours later it was still killing me so we rang NHS direct and they told me to go to A+E. No way was i going to A+E at 9:00 on a saturday night so i had a stiff drink and went to bed.
    This morning i couldn't open the bloody thing as it was stuck shut. I've rang NHS direct again because aparently the A+E dept wont see me with an eye problem and i need a referal but i cant get a doctor to refer me on a sunday. I'm sat here like a pirate with an eye patch on, my eye is killing me. and i missed the sodding Magpie......

    I wont forget the mirror again.

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    Definitely get to A&E mate, they should definitely see you (according to my brother who is a doctor). Be prepared for a bit of a wait though...

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    All sorted now,
    I rang NHS direct again and got refered to Acute referals dept, thet rang me and I went straight in, they took me straight in and when they looked they found a little needle off a thistle had managed to get stuck inside my eyelid, 2 mins later i was out on the street feeling 150% better.


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