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Thread: Lamp dimmer problem.

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    Lamp dimmer problem.

    My light force dimmer failed on me this evening, overheated and cables started to melt! Something is rattling around inside and I can only get the bottom section off to have a look without destroying it, as it is a sealed unit. Any ideas where I can get a 12v replacement dimmer to wire back in?. Or any other options.


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    Can you post a photo?
    May be able to help if I can see what your looking at.

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    Your worst case solution is to send it back and they will fix it, although they will obviously charge you for the privilege.

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    most overheat i'v lost count on the fix's so now i'v rewired mine with better wire and no cheap connectors the 12V stat can be obtained from anyone who sell the magnets for decoying as thay run for hrs and don't melt A1 decoying comes to mind

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    I took it to the local electric wholesaler who had a look at it, Dimmer has burnt out. I've got a single inline switch for now until I look into a new 12v dimmer. New dimmer kit is around 40 from light force.

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    Both Deben and cluson do dimmers . Mine also packed in so just replaced it.

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    forget deben, unless they have change their dimmer its 75watt max.

    Clulite was who i use to use as theirs is 100watt. that was untill i sold it all and started making my own LED torches. i wouldnt go back to the old lamps now.

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