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Thread: 303 for boar? H

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    303 for boar? H

    Hi gents a friend of mine is looking for a rifle specifically for boar and the odd deer he has a 7mm 08 as hi everyday rifle but fancies a 303 Parker hale or suchlike I was just wondering if anybody has used this round for boar ? I think it will do fine personally
    many thanks

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    It'll be fine, get a nice heavy bullet that shoots well and tell your mate to get amongst the boar......the 303 has accounted for many thousands of pig in NZ where it is liked for its reliability and stopping power......absolutely nothing wrong with the 303 ! Cheers

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    And in Africa 303 still accounts for many head of big game, game much bigger than boar.

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    Last year in Croatia one of our group had a .303 with him not sure how he got on with it though after it fell out of the mini bus every time they opened the back doors just as well it was in a hardcase.
    We in the other mini bus never got tired of laughing at it falling out the back doors even after about the 10th time of happening .
    The .303 in a smle/no4 sporter will work just fine for pigs though .
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    The 303 Brit has taken literally thousands of moose , bear and elk cleanly for about a century in this part of the world. I'm pretty sure it'll kill a pig.


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    Steve Redgwell in Canada was making 200 and 215 grain hunting bullets for the 303 and has load data for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Steve Redgwell in Canada was making 200 and 215 grain hunting bullets for the 303 and has load data for them.
    I've used Steve's bullets over the years and was very happy with their accuracy and terminal performance on game.


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    A member of my club, now in his seventies, used a Parker Hale No4 Supreme for years for stalking large red and, in other countries, for shooting bear in Russia before the Iron Curtain fell. He used the standard 174 grain soft point loaded by Eley-Kynoch although says that he would have used the heavier 215 grain loadings if he could.

    One "word of warning" as it were.

    When the only sporting bullets that you could get for re-loading a lot of people for both sporting AND target use used Speer's 180 grain soft point round nose. IT HAS THE BALLISTIC PROFILE OF A BRICK. So the "drop" was far, far ore than the equivalent 174 grain spitzer (pointed) profile bullet. Be aware with the Speer that they will not shoot the same sight settings as a spitzer shape bullet of the same weight.

    Also as chamber dimensions vary greatly you must totally full length re-size if the cases are to be shared between different rifles. This is a cartridge that will not chamber if you don't from one rifle to another.

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    Always thought a double in .303 with 174gr would be mustard for boar myself...

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    I have a Mk4 no2 303. I have used it in Africa on some species of plains game with 180g bullets. As many have mentioned the 303 has been used to take all manner of big game around the world, especially in Africa, and it was commonly used for Elephant when it first appeared on the scene.

    For Wild Boar it will have no problem coping with them.
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