I appreciate I've a bit of a reputation for harping on about these

I've just traded over from a FF210 to the Ranger version. Nothing much to choose between them to be honest - really changed because having recommended PLBs so much, thought it wise to try the different versions ( thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it )

Now if its possible to 'goof' something, I like to think that if not at the head of the line, I'm at least well toward the front. So merely relying my goof ability in the certain knowledge no one else will have the slightest issue.

Having read the instruction book, I duly pressed the 'test' button. Nothing, nowt, nada etc etc. So applying years of precision training I pressed HARDER - same result. Reread instructions etc.

Finally spoke to Greg at McMurdo - they have redesigned the test button on the Ranger. Accidental operation appeared to be a perceived issue. The latest models now have a deep well button. Pudgy finger operators be aware - the button will give a definite and noticeable 'click' when correctly operated. Using the eraser end of a pencil is ideal.

Tried it - bingo! One fully functioning unit.

The activation button is shielded by the cap. It operates as normal. McMurdo are looking at updating their instructions, but in the meantime thought I'd just put this out there.

Highly recommended even with that test button.