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Thread: Ironman to Copperman again

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    Ironman to Copperman again

    Hi Guys

    Yep I'm still around contrary to popular belief.
    Just completed an Ironman triathlon in Italy to raise money for the local air ambulance.

    Now I can relax on the training(20hrs a week) I have been filling the chiller with venison.

    I shot this buck at dawn offhand @ 90m (he had a bad infection too his nether regions) so it was a bit of a Hail Mary shot that required a second back up.

    Just for interest I managed to dig the second bullet out of the clay for those interested.


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    Are those mono copper bullets you are using? If so, what type and how do you find them?

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    Hi Mole

    Yes they are monolithic. A friend on mine makes them in Germany. You can google Kupferjagdgeschoss (KJG), a Gucci version of the Barnes TSX.,62-mm/308-Win.htm
    They are quite expensive but meat damage/contamination is minimal so they pay for themselves quite easily.
    I only hunt with these bullets,in the following calibers 0.30 cal/7mm/ 0.375 and 0.458.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkH
    a Gucci version of the Barnes TSX.
    I'm still ploughing through my stock of the TK Maxx variety. No more pre-minced shoulders to contend with and consequently that much more meat on the table.


    Cupric Iwrch

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    Well done mate
    fantastic achievement on the Iron man event and for a worthy cause
    Any chance of getting an email address for your mate as i could do with ordering a few boxes of heads to try out
    hav a feeling copper will be our future

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    Good to see you on here again Mark, good going on the ironman. all for a good cause.


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    Good effort Mark - well done. Although if you wanted to be really tough you could have done it those fancy leather pants.

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    Good to see you back Mark, well done on the triathlon.


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    Well Done Mark,

    I did one myself (Austria 2006) I know what it takes in preparation.

    Do you plan to do any more?


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    Well done.

    Having done a few marathons I can imagine the work you've put in. Always quite fancied the idea of an ironman but as I swim with the style of a brick I dont see it happening any time soon.

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