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Thread: .17 fireball or .20 vartarg

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    .17 fireball or .20 vartarg

    Anyone got one for sale?

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    Two .17 fireballs on Gun trader and two on gunstar

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    serously think about this before you purchase either because at this momnent in time ammunition for either calibre is rearer than rocking horse poo poo
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    Mark is right I love my 17 fireball but if I were you I may be looking at the 17 rem or tac 20 as the brass is more readily availible, but as for the two Calibres you have on your list the fireball is excellent and is very pleasing to shoot and I wouldn't be without one now!

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    livens in Burton on trent, has 17 fireball factory ammunition in.

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    .17 Fireball brass by the bagfull @ Brock & Norris, formed thru dies from .221 picked mine up
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    there is plenty of brass around, seems its a bit of a trate for those that run wildcats,

    i was told that there was a shortage of 20 tac brass not long back.

    a mate who lives in Banbury drove to reloading solutions and Aftab had more than you could shake a stick at,

    both nice calibres as is the 20 tac.

    im now looking at moving the 20 on and having a 6mm i will expect that that brass will be hard to find as well

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    .17 fireball is a brill cartridge ! I sold my .22-250 as it was not being used, and my fireball will easily kill fox's out to 250m . You hear loads of Bull about how they need cleaning every so many rounds, but it is that bull !!
    I put a Bore snake through 3 times after use, and have shot 300 rounds since my last proper clean with solvent and the rifle is still more accurate than me.

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    how much you looking to spend
    got a rem 700 vsf in 17 fireball screw cut 1/2" unf and re-crowned
    custom bolt knob,thread protecter
    compitition die set
    non floppy hogue real tree stock
    around 300 cases,150 of them are loaded,once or twice fired
    EB sniper 20x42 with a 30mm tube
    30mm rings with 25mm spacers
    fired around 400/450 shots max
    2 years old

    was not going to sell but i have a 223 as well
    open on trades for a decent progressive press and a under lever 357
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    Quote Originally Posted by jungaljohn View Post
    Anyone got one for sale?
    I have a 20VT, but it's not for sale, but if you consider having a rebarrel then contact Neil McKillop aka Dasherman, he has a reamer, and always turns out superb work.
    He rebarrelled my 221 Fireball to the 20VarTarg about 2 years ago and it is one of my favourite rifle/cartridge combinations.

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