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Thread: Meet Jess

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    Meet Jess

    Just thought I would introduce you to my new friend Jess. She's 8 weeks old Springer Spaniel.
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    My better half has just said"Ah bless,she's lovely"
    All I'm going to say is enjoy and good luck

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    Thanks mate, Im getting that reaction a lot at the moment!

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    Hello Jess! Lovely.

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    my spaniel is 13 years old completely unpredictable has selective hearing and is practically feral have never been able to have him in the house but the best dog have ever had - forgot to mention he's quite smelly as well

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    Just got a lab pup ....babe magnet lol ,able to take to work every day till she's big enough not to walk through the kennel bars !
    Good luck with the pup mate .

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