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Thread: Badgers or foxes?

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    Badgers or foxes?

    Can i ask you guys how many badgers do you see whilst out foxing compared to foxes, in my neck of the woods i would say for every fox i see i must see 20 badgers. Also would a lot of badgers drive out foxes from a area??.

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    Hi mate, I see about the same ratio as you. I don't seem to notice an absence of foxes due to Badgers. They seem to ignore each other. Certainly the foxes I've shot recently were in the same fields as a Badger, although not too close but certainly they were not bothering each other.

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    It seems to vary. I once saw a mass of animals around a pile of cattle feed - when I looked closer three were foxes, and one was a badger. They were literally rubbing heads together. And yet at other times, foxes will give badgers a wide berth. I recently had a large brock come charging over a hill from some three hundred yards away when I started the 'fox cub distress call' - when it reached the Foxpro it launched itself at it in a full-on 'kill' dive, knocking the unit to the ground as it did so. Clearly, it didn't like foxes...

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    I see less badgers than foxes but I think that is to do with the ground and not the badger population (which is large). I think the badgers are often out of sught. Then periodically you see loads. Most was 17 on 400 acre wheat stubble

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    I saw 7 badgers and 2 foxes in same field the other night, if that's of any help!

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    they seem to tolerate one another fairly well as the terrier lads will tell you its not that uncommon to find both partys down the same earth , they just keep there own space usualy .

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    **** loads.....We have actually seen a big badger chasing fox cubs out of the same cut field on 2 occasions. Very funny to watch.

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    I see probably 4 or 5 badgers for every fox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Kaira View Post
    I see probably 4 or 5 badgers for every fox.
    Yep, similar here

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    Havent seen a badger for months ( that is alive) some dead on the roads. Saw 5 one evening on a baled hay field in the hot weather, otherwise none, however we have hundreds of acres of maize 10ft high: may be the issue.


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