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Thread: .204 Ruger , A good choice ?

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    .204 Ruger , A good choice ?

    Im thinking of going for a .204 Ruger for fox /long range vermin , maybe a Howa varmint / thumb hole stock , Im interested in opinions for and against this choice ,

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johno100 View Post
    Im thinking of going for a .204 Ruger for fox /long range vermin , maybe a Howa varmint / thumb hole stock , Im interested in opinions for and against this choice ,

    Thanks in advance.
    there are a few on here who actually have and use 20 calibers I am sure you will hear from them [dreckly] .........great calibre for vermin mine shoots better than I can

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    I have a Kimber Classic .204 it's alot more accurate than I am I feed mine 32gn Hornady Varmint Express Vmax - Simply Awesome

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    running a semi custom 20 tactical...................i am a mahoosive fan of this wee calibre and i have 2 shooting buddies who are out most nights with howa 204, can't fault them.

    have fun

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    Stunning round and plenty of factory ammo about (or used to be).

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    As above. I've had rifles in .204R for several years now and don't miss my .223 a bit.

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    My 22/250 hasn't been out of the safe for the two months I've had the 204. Fantastic velocity and accuracy with 10 grains powder less than the 22/250.

    Mine is a new LW barrel on an old Sako action.

    Have to say I am very impressed....

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    The first 204 Ruger I had was a Ruger 77 Mark II VT the one with the laminated stock and grey collored stainless barreled action . I actually shot the rifle before I bought it !

    A friend owned it and had shot a number of fox with it and a few groundhogs . Anyway we went to the range one day when he started wanting to sell it and told me to shoot it !

    I shot a five shot group at 100 yards with factory Hornady 40 grain V Max and to be honest the two stage trigger took a little getting used to and I think that first group was about 3/4" although the last 3 shots were in one very small hole .

    I let the barrel cool and then shot another 5 shot group at 100 yards that was one ragged hole and measured a hair under 1/2" . All this was done with what I call a piece of shyte Simmons cope although it was 24x .

    I ended up trading that rifle back to my friend . But the whole time I had it I tried numerouse handloads with Sierra , Hornady , Berger and Nosler bullets . And to be honest they all shot GREAT !

    A couple years ago I purchased another on a Ruger #1B and while it shoots nowhere near as well as the 77 it's quite adequate and still alot of fun to shoot from the bench .

    I won't sell the #1 but I have thoughts of a CZ527 HB in a 204 Ruger !

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    I have a 204 ruger in a Howa action and a 1-10 twist shooting 40 grainers. Its so sweet to use and more accurate than my 22-250 with much less recoil and powder. You won't look back!

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    Eight replies and all in favor , no prizes for guessing what Im getting next.

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