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    hi every1 i am just getting into stalking and i am going stalking next friday on the fallow bucks in shropshire. have just put in for my .223 for foxes and was wondering what people think of certain reticules for scopes and which people think are the best. i have shot on the 500 yard range with an ex SAS officer who swears by using the german post reticule setup and uses nothing else, even when on red stags. does any1 here use anythings else other than duplex or mildot?

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    Hi Teddy,

    Good luck with the Fallow,
    Try and have a look through various reticules and see what you like.
    German Post is one of those things you either love or hate, A mate of mine swears by one. Personally I prefer a standard Duplex (not to fine especially if you are going to lamp with it)
    I have got a Leopold custom with a varmint Ret but it's no better than a standard duplex.


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    I would think if you did a 'Poll' you find the majority of folk use a German No.4 or one of its variants of which there are many. See the top row here:
    Standard duplex will also have many followers.
    I mostly use a Swarovski with an illuminated 4N reticle which I really like. I also have a German No2 which is a tapered post with a thin horizontal rail. The No.2 is great in poor light compared to a fine haired No.4, but neither come close to the illuminated No.4 . I probably get another 15-20 minutes of stalking with the Swaro!
    The sort you go for should really be dictated by the sort of stalking environment/range/deer types/light levels etc that you intend to use it for. Better to get something standard though as it will then sell easier when you 'upgrade' which you undoubtedly will at some point!

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    Swarovski TDS Plex for me

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    Fixed power A4 or A8 german reticle means that you do not need a range finder and that what you wish was shootable is either dead or left.

    I know many would be snipers on here will tell you different but in about deer in groups or in woodland i like what you see is what you get

    I have had variable power this and that but now i shoot 6x42 or 8x56 S&B and i have never harvested more deer.

    It is my preference.

    each to their own........
    My mantra is repitition, repition, repition.. same rifle same scope etc.


    Last thing you want to think about when you are gasping for air after a climb of 1000-2000 feet is what you scope should be doing or maybe the deer will hang about while you sort sticks, bipod scope etc. NOT

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    Current i use the following -

    Main stalking rifle - Swaro TDS plex

    Foxing / Munty rifle - S&B Fixed No'4 ret

    Rimmy - Duplex (for sale as l'll put a nighteater on it!) see sale section for my Leup VXII!!

    I did have a german post ret in a Swaro ZFM 6 x 42 (Tapered post to a horz thin line) couldn't get on with it - never tried it for stalking -


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    I am getting tired and emotional, but this is the "deer stalking " web site

    foxes, bunnies other prey deserve equal respect. BUT......

    If you intend bopping red, fallow and sika, then fixed power german is my favoured way for starters. I have seen dutch boys wit5h 20x scopes wound stags that would have been still there 150m up the hill,

    if you can see it dos not mean you can kill it humanely with 1 shot.

    why complicate matters???????

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    There are "German" post reticules and there are "German" post reticules! In other words some are goo, some are bad! What's the difference? The "sharpness" or "taper" on the top of the post.

    You do really need that pinpoint accuracy top place a shot well and that means a good point. No less than a 45 degree angle otherwise it is too difficult to place the shot accurately laterally.

    Up or down isn't a problem. It is left or right. With a less than 45 degree angle on the tip it is difficult.

    Try a "German" post (or "No4" such as Zeiss put on the Diatal-Z) then try a GOOD "duplex" such as Zeiss use to put on their Diatal-C. You may just end up agreeing that actually the "duplex" is better.

    I've had both but much prefer the "duplex". The problem with the "No4" or "German" post is that the thick post hides what is immediately behind it whereas one almost appears to see through a GOOD "duplex".

    Which of course physically makes totally no sense at all...but there its is nevertheless!

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    I would go for #4 in the UK. However, I have #1 post reticule on my old zeiss scope and its really great as is a thick #4 I also use. They are both perfect as you shoot at night. I do in Poland for wild boar.


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