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Thread: loaders wages

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    loaders wages

    hi everyone anybody know about wages for loaders is it a tip or are you employed by anyone. cheers pigeonman

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    You mean people get paid for doing it?!

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    Usually big tips loading for rich men!

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    I have had average £50 Tip for day but have had up to £120

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    Blimey how can I get a days loading?

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    The going rate down here is £60. If you're lucky you can get substantially more. We get £40 for picking up.

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    Around the 50 to 60 pound for "Stuffing" and usually quite a bit more if "Double Gunning" have had 100 plus.

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    I used to get£100 per day plus hotel and as much as I could drink and eat. But I was driver as well and guardian of a £100,000 pair of purdys.

    Bloody handy getting that envelope back at the hall after 4-5 days away.

    A great shame those days are over, the gentlemen I did it for had a major stroke and will never shoot again. The money was handy but watching him shoot was a privilege.

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    I used to load for a Dukes daughter the pay was rubbish £60 and no tip but I did get an invite to shoot with the family and help towards the 400 birds we shot,loading for guests it was £60 and if you got a tip you were lucky,had a few througout the season like £100 but for a days work and using your own truck and fuel its not a lot of money plus some guns are totally ignorant idiots especially some of the foreign ones.

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