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    Private Sales

    I am thinking of I purchasing a firearm "face to face" from a private seller. This would involve a one for one variation, and I understand that I must sell, or transfer to a RFD for sale, my current rifle. Is it then possible to purchase, but not use, the replacement rifle before the variation is approved, or is it a matter of agreeing a holding deposit with the vendor ?
    Also, , what documentation is required from both parties ?

    I'm sure this is not a rare occurrence so any advice would be welcome.


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    sell your rifle, send your FAC in for a 1 4 1 wait for your FAC to return (anything like kent 4-6 weeks ) then go buy your new rifle

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    Thanks Shaun. I'd sort of worked that procedure out, but it doesn't really answer my question.


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    You certainly could not take possession of the firearm without it being entered in the normal way on your certificate.

    ​I read somewhere that to pay in full for a firearm you do not yet have listed to aquire on your certificate puts you in a difficult position legally as although you do not have it in your possession you are the 'owner'. However I know of quite a few cases where the balance is payed and the firearm is then lodged with an RFD until such time as you can enter it onto your certificate.
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    I believe there is also a duty of care from the sellers point of view that he/she must verify the purchaser has the authority to purchase the firearm therefore if it is not on your certificate he cannot sell it to you.


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    Not totally sure what's being asked here, but I'll give it a go: If you get rid of your current rifle to an RFD, in no way does that leave a slot to purchase another. You have to get the variation first, which is the authorisation to acquire one. As has been said, only arguably could you buy one and have it lodged with an RFD before you do this.

    Have you seen a rifle and simply must have it and can't wait? Will the seller not take a deposit and wait your variation? As for documentation required, the seller has to enter it onto your certificate and both of you should inform your respective police firearms depts. A bill of sale would be good too, serving as receipt for your money and detailing the rifle in question.

    Hope that helps. Whilst it's useful to discuss a course of action on an illustrious forum such as this, the best people to ask are your police firearms team. Give them a call, because after all it's them who you will fall foul of, or not, in the long run.

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    Thanks for the helpful replies. I think I have it sorted now, sorry if my original post was a bit confusing but I am feeling my way as I have only bought through a RFD before.
    I have found a rifle, a very nice Sako .22 Finnfire, and the seller has accepted a deposit and will hold the gun until my variation comes through. My RFD will take my rifle in for sale and give me the necessary letter for the police.
    As regards documentation, thanks Pedro - that's just what I needed to know.


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