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Thread: Top quality bins

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    Top quality bins

    Need to get some bins, what is everybody's advice re bins?
    Don't mind spending a bit to get a set of bins to last me the next 20-30 yrs.
    What about integral range finders, gimmick or worthwhile?
    Cheers in advance.

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    Swarovski EL 8.5x42


    if you have not tried you will not know.

    sounds like YODA for a reason

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    if your going to buy some EL's I would wait until next year or the end of this one as the new HD EL's come out in Jan so there should be some deals to be had on the old ones also checkout the Leica ultravid hd's or Geovid hd's with built in range finder.


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    go for lieca they out strip swars any day of the week !!!

    cheers lee

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    Any of the top ones like swaro, zeiss, leica will not disappoint you. I use Leica 7 x 42. Don't get too high mag though or you lose the low light ability. I wouldn't go above 8.5 mag personally.
    Some of the Minox, Nikon Jap made stuff gets good reviews but will they stand the test of time like the top names? Only time will tell!

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    Cheers guys
    Leica Geovid 42 HD looks good

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    I have had them all, I have settled on Leica Geovids, I keep a pair of Zeiss as backups, Have a close look at what is around stalkers necks in their photo's, such as Ian Farrington etc. 8)

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    I had Swarovski 8x30's for 15 years, I put them in to the gunshop for a service, and to have the eye cups replaced, they sent them back to Swarovski to have this done. Swarovski said they were worn beyond the standard that anyone would expct 100% quality, and replaced them with a brand new pair completely free of charge.

    That is the best lifetime guarantee I've ever heard of, and I'll never need another pair of binoculars ever.

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