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Thread: Dog had a close call on sunday

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    Dog had a close call on sunday

    I took the dogs out Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours and headed for the summit of pendle hill, aprox 4 miles of walking and 1800ft of elevation to a decent bit of moor where I usually work griff on the birds.
    I got about 3.5 miles in and had just covered the last leg to the summit when Griff stopped walking and collapsed in front of me.
    I rushed up to him and his eyes had rolled round to the back of his head and he was convulsing, heart going like a jackhammer and he was burning up, As there had been a lot of rain there was plenty of water to hand so I kept filling my hat and pouring it on him to cool him down, I was really worried but at last his eyes refocused and he started to come round, thank god.
    Tried phoning the wife to get the 4x4 out and get her ass up to the nick, but no answer so I rang the daughter, the reception was **** but told her the dog had collapsed and could she get across to ours and bring the 4x4 up with her mother then I lost reception so set off carrying the dog out of the gorge (he weighs over 40kgs so no easy task) It took me nearly an hour to climb out of the gorge and get reception again, just as I sat down for a breather the phone rang, it was the police asking me if I was on my own and could I give them some idea where I was, when I asked why they told me my daughter had rung them saying she thought I had collapsed with a possible heart attack so they were sending the air ambulance out to recover me (oh fuuck) It seemed she had only been able to understand bits of the conversation we had and panicked, I sorted all that out phoned the daughter again and found she was already on the hill with my wife but all the trails had been blocked off with boulders to stop people 4x4ing on the hill so they couldnt get to me.
    I ended up getting a mate of mine (chunky sailor off the SD) to come up with his landrover and a large kit bag. But he couldnt find a way past the boulders so had to walk up, and between us we managed to carry the dog off, it took over 3hours from griff collapsing to getting him to his landrover and another 30mins to the vets with the dog coming in and out of conciousness all the time.
    £200 later and loads of ultra sound, blood tests and injections later, they said it might be lymme disease causing an abnormally high white cell count.
    Ive picked him up from the vets, and although a bit wobbly on his legs he does seem a lot better. I really thought he was not going to make it so cannot tell you how relieved I am to get him back.
    I know this ground like the back of my hand but Ive never thought about how difficult it would be to get off it if injured until now.
    Many thanks to Dave (chunky sailor) despite two knee operations recently he trecked over two miles to reach me and help carry Griff off
    A special thanks to the 4 ramblers who totally blanked me, W***ers
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    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Sounds like a scary moment. Glad to hear he is on the mend



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    Phew. Well done! Hopefully the police and air ambulance were okay about it.

    I remember taking my dog at the time, a fit (or so I thought) 10 year old retriever up the screes at Wasdale. He didn't collapse but his back legs gave out and even with rest couldn't walk more than a few wobbly paces. They're obviously prone to back leg problems, but until then hadn't shown any signs. Thankfully I had a younger friend with me who works out and between us, (me for 10 mins, him for 30 mins) we managed to get him down. He recovered well enough and lived another three years, but his legs were eventually the end of him. He didn't do anything much after that incident except the odd constitutional on the flat. He hadn't been a working dog, just a pet.

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    Close call! Glad to hear he's on the mend now.

    As an aside, do you have insurance on the dog(s)?
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    Bloody hell Paul, hope everything works out ok for Griff.

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    Wow close call.
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    Hi Sinbad, hope your dog is ok now. just to let you know, Meriel Animal health have brought a vaccine out to prevent Lymes disease, so may be popular with us shooters!!

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    I'm pleased things are on the up side mate, I had a lump in my throat before I got to the better news of your write up.

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    I've seen spaniels collapse through running themselves daft with not enough food inside them. Not a pleasant experience when anythings wrong wth yer dogs, hope he's on the mend and back to full strength !

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    Glad to here all is on the up & hope he makes a full recovery. I think I'll look up this Meriel animal health a look.

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