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Thread: Tikka T3 improvements???

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    Tikka T3 improvements???

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering what can be done to a Tikka T3 .243 to improve the rifle in terms of accuracy? Or is there anything that can be done?

    Dont mind spending a bit of cash but I guess there will come a stage at which there is no real point!

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.


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    If you're using factory ammo find a brand that it likes and that should be plenty good enough. And you can lighten the trigger a bit if that helps.

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    Have a look at ukgunworks

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    My take is that the barrel is the most important part of a rifle. A proper match grade barrel makes a big difference. (does not have to be a heavy barrel)Stock comes second, bedding third. No time or money for a new barrel or stock, start with bedding, check crown and find suitable ammo.

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    My T3 Lite in 243,totally standard,nothing more I can do,but these are my goups with my reloads.
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    Tikka T3 needing accurizing - you have to be kidding - mine shoots sub 1 MOA groups with a variety of reloads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hairlesshunter View Post
    Have a look at ukgunworks
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    Tune the trigger and replace the stock with a good quality after market one. Both of these made a marked difference to my T3, which now shoots 3/4" groups all day long.

    No amount of 'shiny bling' will improve the accuracy.

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    Maybe I'm lucky, but my t3 in .243 has shot 3/4 moa with factory sst since day one. Only thing I have done to it is adjusted the trigger a bit lighter (not replaced any springs or anything just had a shop adjust it for me which took about 15 mins).

    thought this was standard for a tikka, but as I say maybe just lucky. I'm certainly not an accurate enough shooter to warrant spending any money on bedding etc etc, as the improvements I'd see in accuracy would be minimal.

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    palmer_mike if your luck i must be gifted, i have had 5 tikka t3 and each one of them is very capable of "clover leafing" if i did my bit (.223 .22-250 .243 .308 7mmRM). as said before try some different ammo but your rifle should be able to shoot very good groups out the box (good enough for hunting)


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