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Thread: Sako optilocks

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    Sako optilocks

    I have for sale a set of used sako 1"/25mm low blued rings and based in good condition now surplus to requirements 35 posted

    ​thanks bullet

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    Are the bases for Sako or Tikka, and if Sako then do you know if they are the short, medium or extended versions?

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    And I'd be interested if they are for a Tikka, i.e. base dovetails are parallel & both the same (sako are both tapered & one larger than the other).

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    They are off a sako .22-250 I bought a few years ago, not sure which version though, how would I tell?

    ​thanks bullet

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    Sako/Tikka have a sales flyer on their website, -

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    Thanks for that, I've checked and their is no numbers on them but I'm almost certain they are the short ones as they were off a .22-250 I bought!!
    ​thanks bullet

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    Pm replied to, sold to M275 pending the usual.
    ​thanks bullet

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