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Thread: which quality scope mounts????

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    which quality scope mounts????

    hey guys I have recently purchased a howa 1500 in .22-250 its abit of a budget build to get me out on some muntjac. after much deliberation I have decided on a Hawke endurance 30 3-12x50 scope with illuminated reticule. I'm not spending to much on a first scope for the gun as it will eventually have a Zeiss duralyt on top. the question is what scope rings should I use to make the most of the Hawke and keep it steady as the 22-250 isn't the most forgiving round.
    thanks in advance Joe.

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    Burris zee rings have served me well, not too pricy either

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    3rd eye rings on warne steel bases.


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    Put a picatinny rail on it and buy mounts to go on it. Leupold quick release, Or similar will do fine.

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    If you email Sportsmatch with your details (make and model of rifle and scope) than they will advise of the best matching solution for your combo.
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    +1 for a picatinny rail and mounts, have a look at third eye tactical as I think they do what you want. If you have good mounts you will have less bother with shifting zero which is a right PITA

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