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    cci .22

    Hi guys has anyone tried the new cci rimfire stuff,apparently it breaks up on impact and according to the advert it vertually eliminates ricochet, at last!! will try some and if its true i certainly wont use anything else,providing my rifle shoots them of course,they could be onto a real winner i recon. no more rimfire ricochets

    cheers HORNET

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    Is this the brand Hornet?

    I too would be interested in using this. As a teenager I had a ricochet from a .22 subsonic which caused me some issues (4 police cars and a dog unit) and I was only 15 at the time so it was a pretty unwelcomed experience.

    ANy rimfire which is deisgned to break up is a winner as far as I am concerned.

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    I find the 100 zero a little odd for 22LR, when the accepted best zero everyone I know uses is 72 yds.

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    I couldn't get CCI's to cycle through my b/a CZ whatsoever, not to mention the dud's - the subs that made very loud bangs and stuck heads in the barrels -

    Very common from what i'm told - changed to Eley's / RWS and never looked back. Changed gun now and just awaiting delivery of a Sako so i'll testing a load of ammo to see what it likes eating the best!


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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    I find the 100 zero a little odd for 22LR, when the accepted best zero everyone I know uses is 72 yds.
    My god 100yard zero for a .22lr!

    Bet its shooting 3+ inches at 50yards! We all know that at 72yards a .22 sub only shoots above the horizontal 1.5"ish then tails off dramatically!

    When testing my RWS HV's 32gr (i think) they were shooting bang on at 100Yards, then when i shot to 100yards with the subs - the eley 40gr subs were dropping 3.5" (checked the Eley back to zero - which was 69 yards!) - checked this back to 35yards and the subs were shooting just over an inch high -


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    I had a problem with the Winchester subs in my CZ.

    Had problems with non ejection and as an aside out of a box of 50 had a perhaps 3 duds.

    I am told that the CZ silhouette (the syn stocked job) has a match chamber. Not sure about that but like Tommo, I am thinking of getting the Sako so would be interested to hear how you get on with yours Tommo.

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    cci .22

    Yep jon thats the one,cant wait to try some, I shoot a lot of rabbits and rats with the .22 and if they do what they say on the box and eliminate ricochet il be well chuffed cos its always a worry with a rimfire,i shoot an anchutz xiv carbine and its the most accurate.22 ive ever used,not cheap but worth every penny in my book,just need to get my hands on some now CHEERS HORNET.

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    Sounds abit dear but if they dont ricochet il pay for the extra piece of mind, gotta be worth it i say.


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