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Thread: whats midge situation

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    whats midge situation

    my long awaited trip up to our ground on friday . how bad are the little lovelys at the moment . does anyone put a midge net on there dog?

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    I was up at Dumfries last week end and didn't have any problems although there was that much rain that probably helped to keep them down

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    I was in Ettrick Valley yesterday and day before and no problem

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    oh the day just keeps on getting better.

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    just need a slight breeze and they don't show

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    Stirling area last night, they were MURDER, AHHH

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    Kielder/Scots borders were better than usual this year (so far) for midgies.

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    in Peebles area last few days. Midges were no problem. Fly's were bit of a pain out in the open area's but at least don't bite. All in all no real problem, hope you enjoy yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wirehair View Post
    Stirling area last night, they were MURDER, AHHH
    ​Same in the Edinburgh area!And my bloody house!

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    In Argyll, not bad and have not been to bad all summer.

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