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Thread: Tripod for spotting scope

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    Tripod for spotting scope

    When I was in Austria, the guide was using a Bushnell Tripod (model no 78-3011) for his Swaro spotting scope. It was ancient looking and pretty banged up but it worked perfectly on rocks, grass and uneven surfaces. Sadly it is no longer available but I am keeping my eye out on Ebay. What could you recommend as alternative? Looking for something lightweight that will support a spotting scope of 2kgs or so.

    Many thanks

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    I had a Slik Sprint Pro 2 for my zeiss fieldspotter. Which came highly recommended.
    I found that it was a touch too short for me when fully extended and wasnt stable enough when extended to be able to get good resolution.
    I sold it on ebay and will replace it with the Swarovski Carbon model when funds allow. Macleods have some second hand ones.

    One thing to note is that if you want to carry it on your backpack make sure that its not too long. The sprint was slightly longer then my pack and was a pain for catching....

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    Thank you for that. Found one in the US. Being shipped to my brother as they wont ship to overseas!

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