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Thread: Enough knife?

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    Enough knife?

    Following the thread on gut hook knife combo's, everyone seems to think they have enough gun for the job in hand, what about enough knife?,Would you be happy to quarter a deer with your knife if you had to?

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    Pig Knife

    I carry a 10" knife when looking for wounded boar and ocassionally a spear. (not in the UK)

    However the most i have ever done with deer in the field is to reduce a large stag into 2 peices to help with an almost impossible recovery otherwise. This was done with just a 2.5 inch Gerber.

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    I always have 3-4 knives on me when out stalking. One is a lock-Gerber with a 4" blade (is always on me when Iím shooting no matter what discipline), i usually have two clippers/carbon bladed knives and a Buck sheath knife thats a broad-bladed affair whilst stalking for any eventuality. All the knives are surgically sharp and kept in top cond.

    God knows what the police would say if they stopped and searched me!

    Personally l've no need for a gut hook knife, nor a blade longer than 4". I would of course rethink if such quarry as Boar etc was brought into the equation!

    I think i could also quarter a large deer if the situation arose, i've been given basic's in butchery which l think would help rather than a large knife and no-idea! I saw an article once where some hunters in the states went hunting moose, they walked/trek'd and camped for 2 days to get within reach of the, one of them shot a huge beast, they then cut it into about 8 pieces and carried it off the mountain - ruddy hard work if you ask me as they said that most of the pieces still weighed 100+Lbs!!!! - and they had 2 1/2 days walk out with it!

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    I only have one good hunting knife and one butchers victorinox knife dose every thing again and again.

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    I've bled, gralloched, skinned and butchered a Roe in the field ready for the freezer with just the standard blade on a leatherman tool. Not the ideal choice but what was necessary at the time. I've also carried out most of the above to European elk/moose using a 4 1/4" or 105mm Roeslli knife. The latter was not prepared for the freezer but into bits approx 50kg in size so that it could be carried by 10 people the approx 3 kilometres to the road as it was too far to drag it. I was assisted on that as large beasts take some time to break up especially when lying on the ground.

    Normally its the first couple of inches from the tip of the knife blade that get the most use and its all you really need, but size matters sometimes! No saws are necessary unless you want specific cuts with the bone in them ie saddle or chops (although chops suggest cleaver work originally).

    Nowadays I use home made variations of the tripe knife which I find excellent for the gralloch and for skinning, fast and its easy to avoid meat damage.


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    Hi guys, I carry a stainless frosts clipper and spare in my jacket. I love and swear by them because for under a tenner with top steel it's disposable and I've never worn one out.

    The plastic holder with belt clip is naff but ash243 does and amazing leather option that is the business.

    Some may take the piss but hey, whatever turns you on.


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    More than enough for what I do . . .

    available from a nice little place in Norfolk

    plus a cheap plastic and stainless creation as a spare

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    I was never allowed sharp things where I come from

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    +1 for the Frost / Mora clipper knife coupled with one of Ash243's sheaths. It used to be that the knives were good and I was not broken hearted at their loss, which was a frequent thing with the ridiculous clip over the belt type sheath. Now I do not lose the knife thanks to Ash's very smart sheath.


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