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Thread: Hello from Essex !

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    Hello from Essex !

    Good morning.

    My main shooting activity at the moment is pest control, rabbits, woodies and fox, but I am increasingly enjoying the challenge of chasing the illusive munty's on my shoots.

    I use shotguns, .22LR (for sale) .17hmr and .243.

    I am in the process of securing a "proper" scope for my .243 from a member on here and I am looking forward to getting it mounted and zeroed.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    Hi and welcome aboard.
    You certainly have a challenge on your hands trying to peg down those munties! Tried to get one for a mate to shoot at several times without success. Ah well thats the joy of it. Surprised to see you slip this far down the list without someone saying hello before, they must all be out, busy stalking


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    Hi like a Rhino me....I haven't taken it personally !!!

    Munty's are a very opportunist quarry and I hope to get some real stalking / high seat shooting sorted soon.

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    Hi Philip welcome onboard mate

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