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Thread: tikka m695

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    tikka m695

    hi what are they like 25-06 synthetic stainless barrel got the chance of one with a swaro 8x50 scope on

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    cracking rifle,get it bought before you loose it

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    Top rifle, buy it, re barrel it when you need to. I just built a 6.5x284 on a 695, had 3 of them.

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    Grab it. I use a 695 in 25.06 for red and roe and it's a cracking bit of kit.

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    the price is 550 is that about right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sika View Post
    the price is 550 is that about right?
    Including scope, then yes

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    yes scope and mounts its screwcut also

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    Sako optilock mounts and rings *

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spix View Post
    Including scope, then yes
    Your shi#ing me?

    If the scope and rings are in good nick, they are worth near 500 alone. The rifle is damn near for free.

    Get her bought....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Quote Originally Posted by sika View Post
    the price is 550 is that about right?
    Mine was new and cost 500 plus RFD/RFD fees. 550 sounds good. Give it a good look over and test fire if you can.

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