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    natures bounty

    Just wondered what all you cheffy types recommended to quaff along with the venison?, I was check zeroing a couple of deer calibres yesterday, & on the same land was an absolutely massive crop of sloe's, they are in top condition unlike last year & will be collected by my better half while I am away, what's your poison?

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    Do you mean wine? If so, normally a robust red goes well

    If you mean liquers, we've already made up several litres of sloe gin from this year (I know you're meant to wait until after the first frost but we just stick them in the freezer)

    A really good drink on Christmas morning (or indeed any other morning) when the friends, etc. come round is a sloegasm - a shot of sloe gin topped up with champagne/cava/prosecco.

    We've also got several bottles of the following in the larder, made from this year's fruit:
    Orange Gin
    Raspberry Gin
    Redcurrent Vodka

    When I'm out game shooting I'll sometimes take a hip flask of Stags Ginger Breath, which is concocted by taking a regular spirit bottle and filling one third with ginger (the ginger in syrup works well, just add the syrup to the bottle as well), one third ginger wine and one third whisky. Leave it for a few weeks and it will warm the cockles....and several other parts besides


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    Mr Gunn, I will show the missus your posting, & hopefully this years effort will mature beyond a month!!!

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    A bottle of Rioja went down well with some seared roe fillets last night. My hip flask is filled with an Islay malt when I'm on the hill - and is used to wash down the post shot Mars bar...well worth a try! King's Ginger is a good one when game shooting, or if you want to kill a cold!

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    H'mmm a good red wine, say a rioja or malbec for venison steaks, burgers etc.. my hip flasks' have a raspbery vodka (home made for the ladies) and the other has a very good Islay single Malt ( Ardbegh, Lagavulin, Laphroigh or whatever) for the obligatory half time break in the pheasant drives.

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