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Thread: Zerno's litter of pups

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    Zerno's litter of pups

    Zerno's first accredited breeder scheme litter of bavarians .
    Seven healthy pups, mum and pups doing well.

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    Nice looking litter there hope they all do well ,
    Looks like mum's coping well
    All the best

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    After meeting Malcs Bavarian, I bet there is a lot more interest now.

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    Looking good, all have homes??


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    Congratulations. Barwa looks very relieved.


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    Iím glad to say they all had homes before they were born 243 and will be working as far apart as the south coast and Inverness.

    Not as relieved as i was peter she must have thought I was mad the way I was fussing over her even having one breach that looked like it was trying to get back in didnít phase her. She's taken to motherhood very well and all the pups are getting noticeably bigger by the day. Iíll stick some more photos on when they get a bit bigger and a vid of their first tracks in 3 or 4 weeks

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    Zerno Blameless

    Her is Zerno Blameless age 9 weeks.

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