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Thread: Wildlife seen whilst out Deer Stalking

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    Wildlife seen whilst out Deer Stalking

    Hi All,

    As we all know there is more to deer stalking than killing deer, and sharing our stalking outings with a wide variety of other wildlife is a big additional attraction of the stalking life.

    I thought I would invite members to post photographs of other wildlife, taken whilst out deer stalking. I for one always have my camera at the ready, especially up deer seats to snap away at whatever catches my eye, whilst waiting for deer to come along. I'll start the ball rolling with a few of my pictures.

    Please feel free to post any pictures you have taken whilst being 'about the woods'

    All the best


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    Go on Tommo, let`s see that females arse!!

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    Some nice pics there Lakey, I really must invest in a new camera , saw my first badger yesterday evening, a definate camera moment but alsas no camera.

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    You did say any pictures whilst out in the woods

    Catch up soon fella


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    Whilst stalking Sika in Ireland.


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    didnt get a photo,but me and fester sat watching a golden eagle last week.what a bird.

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    Many years ago I had a Yank out on a mountain for Reds and we saw a Golden Eagle being `mobbed` by a pair of Buzzards.
    He did not appreciate what he was looking at.


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    I would love to see a wild Golden Eagle one day. We do get Hen harriers down south in the late Autumn and Winter. Two of our specialities down south is Hobbies and Nightjars, we get a few of them but they move way too fast to get a good picture !!!

    Please feel free to put up any pictures you get..........

    All the best


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    Here are a few more shots ( all taken whilst out deer stalking)

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