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Thread: Kongsberg M59 F1 .308/7.62

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    Talking Kongsberg M59 F1 .308/7.62

    Hi All,

    I bought an interesting rifle the other week - the stock was dinged to hell, and had seen better days - the bore on the heavy Schultz & Larsen barrel was mint - receiver was like new, bolt is matching and also very nice, all the action, and bolt shroud is phosphated in grey green (the bolt extractor ring does have a Reichs Eagle inspection stamp) - its a very buttery operation in general, however the Kongsberg Factory match trigger was a bit gritty? - I did all the usual cleaning tricks and stoned the sear, but it was still very crunchy, I'm thinking some water or something must have got in there at some point, so I swapped it out for a Timney. - snapped it up for 260 with the intention of doing a bit of work to it. I have attached the images of the mild resto i did on it - mainly focusing on the stock, the top hand guard was de-laminating and had a big split in it (again perhaps water?)

    Removed barrelled action from the stock - so signs of any corrosion or rust - it was caked in cosmo or some kind of grease, so i whipped out the Polti steam nozzle and blasted all that hardened grease off - I vacuum infused the barrel channel both top and bottom with carbon fibre to prevent any further shrinkage, cracking etc of the stock - the barrel is beautifully free floating, I replaced the front barrel band with an Enfield No4 front band so i was able to cut off the scraggy 10ml from the nose of the top and bottom stock (it was badly split and looked a bit ratty) . Took it out yesterday to Bisley at 600 and the PH5C sights did the trick, a very consistent and accurate rifle for the money!

    Please enjoy the images.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalTW View Post
    Very handsome rifle.

    Did a bit of stock work, and glass bedded the action with carbon fibre/aramid composite, in a vacuum infusion method.
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