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    Hi guys

    An incident lately on a friend's patch. He was walking down a private road heading for his patch just after sunset...heard a commotion in an adjacent field that holds Reds...Just after the commotion started a large red stag came crashing through the hedge with the dog firmly grasping the stag by the muzzle. It continued through the next hedge and out of sight. A minute or two later, the dog re emerged and went straight back to the owner who was crossing the field back to the gate where my friend was standing. When asked about the incident and the type of dog, the dog's owner just muttered something about it being an accident and the dog just run off and chased the deer. He told my friend that the dog was a lurcher cross pit bull and promptly left the scene. (His motor was parked up a little further down the lane)

    Question.... Can the dog be used/trained to bring down deer or hold it to bay? Could it have been intentional or a pure accident as the dog owner said.
    My friend was quite shaken by the incident cos in his own words 'it was a hell of a spectacle'


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    Hmmm, sounds like a dog bred with a specific purpose in mind...

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    Prob the only real cross of late that will hold down a really large deer and certainly a purpose bred dog mainly for single handed foxes.

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    they are mainly bred for foxes and other black and white things but many people use them for whatever they can course ive seen a dvd filmed in the uk where all species of deer including a big red stag was taken down with dogs of this breading but not by a single dog what your friend saw probably was an accident on the owners side due to the timing and the fact he was caught its not the dogs fault they are trained to course anything that runs ive heard of two dog escaping a kennel and coursing a cow causing severe injuires resulting in the cow being shot

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    Pit bull dogs and crosses have to be neutered tattooed and muzzled in public places ( virtually any place away from the home ground ) Deer don't come under stock regulations. Police would be very interested in the dog and one they can't duck.. There is an ongoing case in Cheshire where a dog killed a pony. Initially the police weren't interested until they were put right.

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    cross breeds

    I too can vouch for them being intentional cross breeds. I know keepers with them, travellers also like them. The keepers I know have them for foxes and similar. There are kennels full of rejects from these crosses as a lot of them are not big enough for the intended use. Its a crap situation really.

    The succesful breeding results in very fast brutish dogs, watch out the sheep!!!

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    The keepers of old kept these crosses and purposely walked through the villages to try to put poachers off.
    I wish i could find the piece from the shooting times, it was an excellent read.

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    Apparently the guesstimation of the dog's size is that it was bigger than my friend's big alsation.


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    I would of told the owner of the dog that it was lucky to not have a lead injection. I've told a bloke on one of my perm's if l see his pitbull loose again l'll shoot it as a stray. The landowner has told me to repport instantly if i see it again - its been seen grabing the cattle and more recently a muntjac.

    Another story for another day i can't stand these mindless pillocks who walk on land they have no rights over with dogs like these with the intention of killing with them. they think its a status symbol to have a dog like that - everyone l know (they maybe even some on here) that think people with them are usually rough S*** bags that couldn't spell pitbull let alone treat them right.

    Incidently the dogmen around here mainly use Greyhound/lurcher/collie crosses with what looks like the odd staffy.

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